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Book Review - Chair Yoga: Seated Exercises for Health and Wellbeing

Chair YogaChair Yoga: Seated Exercises for Health and Wellbeing by Edeltraud Rohnfeld

This fully illustrated book is ideal for anyone who wishes to reap all the health benefits of yoga without having to sit for hours on a mat in the lotus position or stand on their head with their legs angled in strange positions. Anyone can do this type of yoga, whatever their level of ability. All you need is a chair, some space and a willingness to work through the exercises.

Edeltraud starts by explaining the origin of yoga many years ago in India and how it reached the West due to British colonisation. Chair Yoga was first developed in the 1980s to help those not so physically able, to benefit from increased joint flexibility, improved circulation and to find that place of inner peace and composure.

Edeltraud takes you through the importance of breathing practice explaining the different parts of the lungs and how to incorporate them in special breathing techniques. She then goes on to describe and illustrate exercises for different areas of the body, starting from the feet and toes and working all the way up to the head.


Book Review of Pain Free 1-2-3 by Dr Jacob Teitelbaum

 Pain Free_coverThis book offers a wealth of knowledge on how to treat different types of pain using prescription medications and natural remedies, allowing you to make the best use of all available treatments and find what works for you. It offers hope that there are treatments out there that can offer relief.

The book starts by explaining the purpose of pain and general principles of pain relief, before going on to look in detail at treating different common types of pain such as nerve pain, inflammation, muscle and bone pain, headaches and facial pain, bowel pain, and pelvic pain syndromes. Fibromyalgia is specifically referred to in the chapter on muscle and bone pain, but tends to cover the same ground as discussed in Dr Teitelbaum's other publication From Fatigued to Fantastic! However, all the chapters, except for perhaps the one on inflammation, are relevant to those of us with fibromyalgia as they deal with the common associated symptoms which can sometimes be overlooked or not covered in as much detail in other publications.


Book Review - Sophie's Story

Sophie's Story: My 20-Year Battle with Irritable Bowel Syndrome by Sophie LeeSophies story_cover

Sophie has suffered from irritable bowel syndrome since the age of 12. In this book she offers a very real and often heart-wrenching account of what it is like to live with IBS day after day. Like fibromyalgia, IBS is often not really understood by doctors and the public alike. It can be dismissed as a psychological problem, one induced by stress, or a condition that gives you a few aches and pains and a bit of diarrhoea or constipation now and again.

Sophie wants to put the record straight and allow people to learn facts about IBS from somebody who has lived with it for many years, to dispel the myths that often surround it and to share tips and advice about treatment that she has accumulated over the years.


Book Review - Practical Living with Fibromyalgia

Practical Living with Fibromyalgia by Maurice S ClarkeMaurices book

Maurice Clarke has put together this useful book about how to live with fibromyalgia based on both his experience as a carer and his partner, Mary's, experience as a sufferer of FM. Maurice and Mary started the Rugby FM support group in 2008 which has gone from strength to strength, and Maurice has written many articles on different aspects of fibromyalgia.

His book covers a wide range of useful topics looking at how fibromyalgia can impact on your life and how you can respond positively. It looks at coping at work and dealing with possible changes in income; how to tell your family and friends about fibromyalgia and how to deal with their varying responses; offers practical ideas for dealing with depression and emphasises the importance of maintaining a sense of humour.


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