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Access Support Group / charity only areas

This page is for how to access the charity area of the website. If you already have access to the charity area then please click here to continue to the charity area.

Most restricted content can be accessed from the "charity only" menu at the top of every page and the direct link www.fmauk.org/internal. Again you must be logged in and in the correct group to access these areas. PDF tutorial with screenshots can be found at the bottom of this page.

The current insurance certificate will also be available from this area. The forum will be for discussion content while the main website will contain documents and other information.

An outline of how you will be able to access the SG Board and the restricted charity area is shown below with detailed steps at the bottom of this article:

  • Register on the site by filling in this form.
  • Send the Head Office a note of your username and the name of your group. please copy in your group leader if you are not the group leader. We will need to confirm with the group that you are their nominated contact.
  • You will be added to the SG group on the forum and on the main website
  • An email will be sent to you and the next time you logon you will see a new board at the top of the forum and be able to access the charity area of the website.

When next accessing the FMA UK forum, you will see the board that is available to Support groups. These nominated contacts are able to share group information with each other and foster relationships across the FMA UK community. This area has been created on the forum to enable support groups to communicate between each other. It is hoped that ideas, experiences, and perhaps eventually resources will be able to be shared between groups using this area. It will also enable information to be made available centrally and quickly from FMA UK to support groups.

The forum can also help support groups with moral support by sharing their experiences with people that have went through the same challenges. The national pool of experience that is available from all the groups is something that should benefit every one of the groups. Also we will distribute information on the forum such as Insurance certificates. And as this information will remain on the forum you will always be able to come back to the forum and download it in the future if you need another copy.

Obviously this resource will only be as successful as the energy that is put into it and it needs support groups to participate to enable it to flourish. Also I am open to ideas as to how you think it should operate. So please let me know of any ideas that you have.

To enable access to this area I require the contact or Support group leader  to send me a note of the site username of the person who is to access the forum on behalf of the group. If required this will be verified with the support group leader.

To obtain a site username the contact will need to register on the forum and activate their account. This is a very simple process and I can provide help for anyone that requires it. Once the contact has registered, they can send a note of their username by Head Office. Shortly after receiving this, the username will be added to the correct group and the group contact will then see the Support Group board the next time they log on to the forum.

The following links may be of interest to you.

Register on the Site

If a previous group contact is no longer representing the group please let me know ASAP so that I can remove them from the support group forum.

There is also a Facebook group for support groups that is available here.

If you have forgot your username or password then please use the links below. Any issues then please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your username oremail address that you used to sign up. 

Download this file (How to Access the FMA UK Charity Area.pdf)How to Access the FMA UK Charity Area[How to Access the FMA UK Charity Area in pdf form]379 kB

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