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Due to the fact that fibromyalgia is such a life-altering debilitating condition our fundraising efforts have to be tailored to fit our limitations. We have, therefore, tried to come up with ideas that do not involve us in a lot of mental or physical stress or excessive drain on our pockets.

Fundraising for us? Please fill out our fundraising form here which can be completed online and helps us support your fundraising efforts.

You can find out more information on all of our fundraising activities below.
Rasing money through sponsorship can be very rewarding activity, not least because of the sense of accomplishment when you have completed a challenge, but if can bring people together and you can have a lot of fun in the process. 
FMA UK like to give our fundraisers as much support and encouragment as possible, and are always keen to hear about what ideas you have come up with and remeber husbands. wives, and the rest of the family can do sponsored events as well:)
You can also support Fibromyalgia Action UK with an online fundraising page through our partnership with JustGiving. Within 5 minutes you could Create your page, and Email your friends so that they can then donate online. The money goes straight to Fibromyalgia Action UK and includes GiftAid as well. Donate online with JustGiving
We can also take single or monthly donations as well if you want to make a donation that is not related to a sponsored event.  If you want to see who is already raising funds on our behalf just go to this page and look at the list. 


FMA UK is a registered charity administered by unpaid volunteers from the Chair down through the ranks, and as such it relies on donations and organised events to operate. You can help with this by purchasing some of the items that we carry. You can by books, FMA pins, awareness ribbons, pens, and lots more. All funds that are raised through this go back into helping the charity raise the awareness of fibromyalgia.

Search using Everyclick to raise funds.
This is an easy way to help the fibromyalgia cause. When you use the internet, instead of using goggle or any of the other search engines, use www.everyclick.com and nominate Fibromyalgia Action UK as the charity of your choice. Then each time you use it, a small donation will be made without costing you anything.

Use e-Bay to Support FMA UKMissionFish
You can sell an item on e-Bay and donate a proportion of your sale to FMA UK. The donation comes directly from your e-Bay account through the e-Bay for Charity scheme. Recently it has been made easier by e-Bay partnering with missionfish.org so that sellers can manage their donations without leaving the e-Bay site. Sellers need to declare which charity to support by registering with missionfish.

Gift Aid
If you are a tax payer and would like to make a donation, please complete the Gift Aid Form. This will make your donation worth even more by allowing us to claim back the tax element of your donation. It will not cost you anything but will help us.

Running For FMA UK
If you have ever considered raising funds for us by running in the Great North Run or the London Marathon then you will be joining a group of people that have done the same and contributed to our efforts. Running helps with fitness of course but also can raise significant funds for our cause. Our main focus for runs is the Great North Run but there are various running events all over the country that you can participate in.
For more information look at our running page here.

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