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Book Review of Pain Free 1-2-3 by Dr Jacob Teitelbaum

 Pain Free_coverThis book offers a wealth of knowledge on how to treat different types of pain using prescription medications and natural remedies, allowing you to make the best use of all available treatments and find what works for you. It offers hope that there are treatments out there that can offer relief.

The book starts by explaining the purpose of pain and general principles of pain relief, before going on to look in detail at treating different common types of pain such as nerve pain, inflammation, muscle and bone pain, headaches and facial pain, bowel pain, and pelvic pain syndromes. Fibromyalgia is specifically referred to in the chapter on muscle and bone pain, but tends to cover the same ground as discussed in Dr Teitelbaum's other publication From Fatigued to Fantastic! However, all the chapters, except for perhaps the one on inflammation, are relevant to those of us with fibromyalgia as they deal with the common associated symptoms which can sometimes be overlooked or not covered in as much detail in other publications.

The final section of the book looks at the reasons for people's bias (doctors in particular) against natural remedies and the scientific data that are actually out there supporting these remedies. It touches on different alternative treatments such as osteopathy and acupuncture, and goes into more detail about the mechanisms of the different prescription medications for pain and how to deal with possible side-effects. Dr Teitelbaum also includes excellent chapters on sexual dysfunction, depression and eliminating weight gain with advice on tests that can be done and available treatments.

Before reading this book, I had no idea there were so many options available today for treating pain and it is certainly offered me some new avenues to explore. The main strength of this book is the way that Dr Teitelbaum blends together the use of natural remedies and prescription medications to show how they can work in harmony to eliminate pain.

The one drawback is that it is written for the American market meaning that some of the prescription medications referred to are not available here. After reading the chapter on facial pain I went to my GP to ask for a specific prescription only to be told that that drug was not prescribed here. This can be very frustrating.

After this experience I decided to do some research into the availability of the nutritional supplements referred to in the book. They are all available from Dr Teitelbaum's website www.vitality101.com but the shipping costs to the UK can be prohibitive. On further research and with help from Dr Teitelbaum's team in the US, I discovered that the supplements can be purchased from several UK websites including www.supersupps.com, www.revital.co.uk and even www.amazon.co.uk. These sites tend to offer free postage and packing, however the products are charged at a higher rate compared with the US website, so it's actually worth comparing the total cost of shipping the products over from the US with the UK prices as sometimes shipping from the US can actually work out cheaper! Also, the Dr Teitelbaum's US website (www.vitality101.com) is offering a 20% discount to international customers to help offset the shipping costs. If you want to take advantage of this then enter the discount code can20.

By Kathy Longley

The book is available from FMA UK priced at £12.99 plus p&p £2.50.

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