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Brendan runs in the Paris Marathon

I’m back on the road again. A year on from my last distance charity run which was wonderfully supported I’m off again and looking for support. I’m running the Paris Marathon on 10 April 2011. Last time out I ran for Rainbow’s Children’s and Young Peoples Hospice. This year I’m running for Fibromyalgia UK and the Burton Upon Trent Support Group. Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition of widespread pain and profound fatigue.

The pain tends to be felt as diffuse aching or burning, often described as head to toe. It may be worse at some times than at others. It may also change location, usually becoming more severe in parts of the body that are used most. I know quite a bit about Fibromyalgia from sharing my life with a sufferer whom I consider to be one of the bravest and strongest people I know given the pain with which she faces every day. And hence my charity choice. The decision to run for charity is often worth a few miles for me and it really helped me from Nottingham to Derby last year. I think it will have the same effect this year again. Donate here


I don’t like asking for money and particularly in these times but every little bit helps. The cause is worthy. I’m running through the pain barrier at present and trying to stay off the road. My knees are resisting this effort but my mind keeps pushing me on. The T Shirts have been prepared, flights booked and I’m almost certain accommodation has been too. Aside from the pain barrier this is a massive psychological battle and the training miles are long and often lonely. There are some well worn tracks at present and there is a little bit more to go before next month’s event. Any support at all will go a long way toward helping and supporting me. I have some choice over the pain I go through and I guess I might recover from it eventually. Fibromyalgia sufferers don’t have the choice and that’s why I’m doing it. Something that gives them a little bit of hope is worth it. Additionally much of the donations raised is going locally as well to support local sufferers. 

Even if you cannot donate, and I understand not everyone can, if you can please pass the message on to people you know, people who know me or also people who suffer with this condition then you are helping greatly. Please pass on the message to anybody you know and get behind me and get behind my chosen charity. You can find my donations page at www.justgiving.com/BrendanGrufferty.

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