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Welfare Benefits

Mobility component

The main criterion here is whether you are unable or virtually unable to walk without severe discomfort.The problem for people with fibromyalgia is convincing someone of that severe discomfort and that it can prevent us walking very far. When assessing this for yourself, measure what is an average distance to walk for you and how long it takes to walk that distance (along the flat, not uphill or upstairs). This must be a very shortdistance and has been stated as being no more than 50 metres and probably less even on one of your better days. However any additional information that you give is very important.

Care component
One of the criteria for this part is whether or not you can cook a meal from raw meat and two raw vegetables for yourself on a regular basis, using a normal oven.
Other criteria concern your personal hands-on care requirements e.g. having a bath, washing your hair, getting out of a chair etc.. Housework needs and shopping are not considered for this benefit.

It is the amount of care you need that determines the rate at which you will qualify for the care component. Thus it is essential that you put down the amount of time that you need help for, even if it is only sometimes two minutes; the minutes add up!





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