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Events Organised by ACOFIFA for International Day of Fibromyalgia



Dr. Fernandez Sola will discuss Central Sensibility Illnesses including Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Multiple Quemical Sensibility Syndrome.  Dr. Fernandez Sola is an Internal Medicine Consulting Doctor at the Hospital Clinic of Barcelona and an Associate Professor at the University of Barcelona.  At these sessions we will also discuss the latest administrative changes and cuts brought by the Health and Labor reforms in Spain, and how these are affecting FM,CFS and MQSS Patients.   At the end of the day we will read the Manifest that has been agreed upon at the National level.


SUNDAY                  MAY 13:


More information at http://www.atletismogalego.org/

This race will have a number of categories and its organized by age by the Athletic Federation of Galicia, participants will receive credit for their participation.   In addition there will be a Solidarity March for those that do not wish to run professionally but would like to support our cause. In the Solidarity March will participate patients, family members, volunteers, public figures, representatives of the current administration and also health professionals.

The following associations will be present at the Solidarity March, Federación Gallega de Fibromialgia y Síndrome de Fatiga Crónica, FEGAFIFA: ALUFI (Lugo), CAF (Pontevedra), AFFOU (Ourense), AS MARIÑAS de Xove,Red Nacional para la defensa de pacientes de FM,SFC y SQM” and ACOFIFA among others.   After the event, we will meet members from all over Galicia for lunch.   After lunch we will visit the “Casa de Los Peces”  (Aquarium of La Coruña), La Casa del Hombre (Science Museum) and for a relaxing end to a very long but fruitful day we will visit “La casa del Agua” (Thermal and Therapeutic Spa) for a well-deserved spa session.

With this type of events, ACOFIFA wants to take our aims to the Street. Some of these aims are to raise money for research, raise money for education of patients and their families and to fund a better education and training for health professionals.

These two events have gotten great response so far and have been features all over the media, newspapers, TV, radio and even announced several times  during football games on the billboard of the “Deportivo de La Coruña”! In addition the weather is supposed to be wonderful this weekend so we expect to have a great turn out for both events!

We wish you have a great weekend and successful “International Day of Fibromyalgia”.

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