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Aberdeen & District Fibromyalgia Support Group - June Meeting

{phocagallery view=category|categoryid=6|imageid=47|displayname=0|displaydetail=0|displaydownload=0|displaybuttons=0|displaydescription=0|float=right|displayimgrating=0}Photos: Aberdeen Parade, participants: Roslyn Fowler, Beth Pratt, Margaret Duncan, Yvonne West with daughter and 2 grandsons, and Kelly Willox and partner and 2 step kids.

At our support group meeting in June we had local MP Anne Begg come in and told us about her experiences as a MP with a disability.  Anne also had a lot of knowledge about benefits and medical assessments which is of great interest within our group members.  Anne was also the Scottish representative on the Pain Coalition.  Anne kindly answered our questions and gave as much advice as she could.

On the  2nd July for the second time we were able to have an awareness table at the Third Sector and Volunteering Fayre in Aberdeen Music Hall.  In total there were 50 different organisations there.

At our July Support group meeting we had guest speaker Sheila Gray.  She came along and done a demonstration on the Bowen Technique.  This is a gentle therapy that can give long lasting relief.  It is painless to receive.  It is a very effective for back, neck and shoulder problems, headaches, sports injury etc.

At our support group meeting in August we decided to have a fun so we held a beetle drive.  A beetle drive is a game played at social occasions, in which many round are played.  The players are put into groups of four with a communal dice, and the first player to completely draw their beetle shouts ‘beetle’, stopping the play of all groups.  The game requires paper (or a custom score sheet), pens and a dice.  The part drawn is decided by the role if the dice.  Traditional rolls are:

  • 6 is for the body, of which there is one,
  • 5 is for the head, of which there is one,
  • 4 is for the wings, of which there is two,
  • 3 is for a leg, of which there is six,
  • 2 is for an antenna, which there is two,
  • 1 is for an eye, which there is two.

You need a body before you can do the wings and legs and you need a head before you can add the eyes and antennas.

The winner of each group moves to the group on the right and the loser moves to the group to the left.  The ultimate winner is usually the player who completed the most beetle, or drawn the most parts.

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