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Kayleigh Thomson: Living with Fibro

My name is Kayleigh, I’m 22 years old and have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia since I was 20.

I’ve been experiencing pain since I was a child, but it was always put down to growing pains. Then at the age of 12, after my parents pressing for answers, I was diagnosed with Hyper mobility syndrome. So, since that diagnosis every ounce of pain I experienced was put down to that and treated with anti-inflammatory pain killers. It wasn’t until I was around 17/18 the pain was so bad it was becoming bed bound and the pain was lasting longer and longer each time. We were back and forth from A&E, sometimes resulting in stays in hospital until in October 2017 I was that poorly my Mam put her foot down and demanded further tests and a diagnosis. That’s when they came back with Fibro.

For me personally I have widespread pain which can leave me bed bound and cared for by my family sometimes for weeks on end. I can’t walk, or even stand up unaided, I can’t wash myself, make myself food or dress myself.   I get migraines, bloating, numb limbs, sensitivity to light and touch as well as so much more. It’s awful and sends me to a really dark place sometimes, I’m so lucky I have my amazing family to pull me out of that.

I also notice how bad it doesn’t just affect me but also my family, I see my boyfriend getting upset and tired but staying strong to help me. I see my mam, holding everything together but being so angry that this is happening. I also see my dad, who understands my pain as he also is in pain, but he wishes he could take mine away. I see my little sister, caring for her big sister and not even thinking anything of it. I even see how it effects my dog and how he won’t leave my side and puts his paw on my hand when I’m crying.

Fibromyalgia has completely changed mine and my family’s lives. I was working to my dream career and about to achieve it, but that’s now been taken away from me as I’m in too ill health to carry out the role. It’s gave us financial problems as I now can’t work as much as I did. It’s gave us all a different outlook.

I have gone from being an outgoing 20-year-old who loved to go out to being sometimes bed bound, with my own wheelchair, walking stick, medicine cupboard and a GPs receptionist who knows my name. But I’m one of the lucky ones with a supportive, loving family to help me through.


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