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Katie's Love challenge of a lifetime for FMA UK

Me and the Race for Fibromyalgia.

‘’Most people would think I’m completely off my rocker for embarking on probably the hardest physical challenge I’ve ever done, Running 100k, that’s 60 miles over the south downs over 2 days this coming August - what a way to spend the bank holiday weekend!

The challenge came about after 3 of my running buddies mentioned it and me being me was totally up for it having only ever done 22 miles max and only started running seriously a year ago, 100k (60miles) seemed the way forward (I clearly have a screw loose), but I do like a challenge and this I’m sure will be the first of many. In other words I don’t like to do things by half, if you’re going to do something then do it but do it to your best. PMA and all that jazz!

Having wildly signed up for the race I felt I needed to do it for a purpose, something that is close to me in more ways than one, and one of them is Fibro. I first heard of fibromyalgia when my auntie got diagnosed over 2 years ago, after many years trying to convince people, the professionals that the way she was feeling wasn’t right, however due to the fact nothing showed up on the tests she was left to fight this condition alone. But thankfully due to Fibromyalgia awareness and the fact it is finally being understood as a proper condition, gave my auntie the diagnosis she needed and an answer for all her silent questions, which has helped her understand her condition and help her live the best life she can but also make her not feel like it’s all in her head and for people not to judge.

Personally I have also showed signs of this condition but I am currently on the mystery list. 

 I have suffered joint, nerve and muscular pain plus always feeling slightly under the weather and other issues for as long as I can remember, having been told I have hypermobility and having tests as far as the eye can see, with no answer can be the hardest thing, you start doubting yourself, battling your own mind thinking it’s all in your head - the famous word Hypochondriac always makes an appearance, I can see your all nodding with agreement! But with more research and knowledge of Fibromyalgia and I hope with the money I raise we can get fibromyalgia understood a lot more and give people a diagnosis a lot sooner. Yay for that! I also couldn’t have got to where I am without the amazing support from my running club (RunWednesdays) and (FRF), Matt and Danny and my family !!

This going to be one of a challenge and I hope I complete it … Of course I will (famous last words) let’s do this!’’

To support Katie in here challenge of a lifetime please donate via her JustGiving page: https://www.justgiving.com/Katie-Love6



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