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Tot's Tale is a Treasure!

A great new book to help explain to your children about invisible illness and chronic pain.Have you ever found it difficult to talk to the children in your life about chronic pain?

Young children don't understand how it hurts when they want to be picked up, played together with and doing activities that can be painful. As an adult you can feel bad that you can't do things for these young ones on some days. Research shows that many caregivers and parents feel that they are burdening the children in their lives by talking to them about their pain. They are also having problems making such a hard concept understood even to adult loved ones.

If you do have children in your life, then you should consider this new book "Tot's Tale About The Clever Colour System" for children aged 2-7 although it is great for all ages!

This book not only explains pain in a way a child can understand; the authors have created an easy daily system that can be used and understood by everyone in your life.

The authors' system of positive reinforcement is in place in the household in the book. The young child and his cat are explaining thing to the new kitten (Tot) in the house. Everyday is an exciting day as the child looks forward to not knowing how the parent is feeling. Each colour of "The Clever Colour System* has an easy way of showing how your invisible illness is on that day to the child, therefore making your condition understood without having to go into detail. Activities are planned around each colour depending on what you feel you can do.

The book not only is delightful and positive, but is engaging for the whole family. The authors have provided an extensive introduction in how to use "The Clever Colour System", as well as have created tools such as magnets and stickers should caregivers wish to reinforce "The System" with children (very clever, indeed). As well, a community website www.pftbooks.com is available for adults with a handy guide in how to use "The Clever Colour System". The website is a great space for people to share ideas, hints, tips, and experiences, make friends, and ultimately, for people to not feel so alone and isolated.

Working with psychiatrists, teachers and parents with chronic pain; Alyssa Reid and Alison Skillin have created a totally unique yet easy to implement system that will improve family life. For anybody experiencing chronic pain with children in their lives this is a 'must have' book.

This title will be available for sale all around the world from March 2013. 

“This book not only gives an explanation but a positive coping strategy for coping with chronic illness and looking after young children. FMA UK will be recommending its use.” Pam Stewart, OBE, Chairperson of Fibromyalgia Association UK

"This book is awesome! I wish I had something like this for when my daughter was younger...for both of us - as I think it would have helped me to realize just how much I *did* mange to do with her - instead of being focused on what I couldn't do." H. Borland

"Tot's Tale explains to young children the fluctuations of a chronic pain condition and how this affects the caregiver's ability to undertake daily activities as enjoyed by families who do not have chronic pain conditions. On a daily basis, 'The Colour System' clearly indicates to children the severity of not of the caregiver's condition and gives children an indication of how much Mum or Dad or caregiver can do on the day." Colin Bruce, B.Ed (primary)

"Tot's Tale is a treasure! Families will cherish the book and its provision of a simple and tangible plan to improve communication and strengthen the bond between a child and a parent or caregiver with chronic pain." Dr. Krystal Klein PHD, Oregon Health and Science University

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